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corona virus detecting, disinfectant & prevention walkway machine

₦ 5,000,000.00

CORONA VIRUS DETECTING, DISINFECTANT & PREVENTION WALKWAY MACHINE #contact us at: or 07068673763 we introduce the intelligent ant-epidemic machine that is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. it uses disinfectant spray and sterilize the human body, pet, cargo and luggage. it perform the non-contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormal body temperature and possible disease. the machine is equipped with optional accessories such as casters and ramps, which is used in a variety of application scenarios, which is convenient for rapid movement and flexible deployment. non-contact and automatic control design effectively avoid cross infection. it reduce the workload of security personnel and greatly reduce the exposure risk of high frequent contact personnel. To meet standard prevention and control requirements Mobile rapid deployment The epidemic prevention process is in compliance. 360-degree disinfection without dead angle System can be upgraded. Non- contact forehead temperature measurement No contact in all processes Liquid sterilization by hand Larger and more This machine is made to control and stop the spreading of corona virus and every other diseases. everyone is expected to pass through this machine, while passing you can check if you contacted the corona virus and check your Temperature and sanitize your hands. if you already have the virus or abnormal Temperature it will raise a voice alarm and siren but if normal it will pass you to the next chember where you will be automatically disinfected by spraying disinfectant all over you 360° to clear/destroy and already droplets of Corona virus, bacterias or unknown virus you already carrying in you face/body, cloths without knowing. It can be use at airport, border, schools, hospitals, shopping mall, religion center and any gatherings.