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The MIRACLE plant

*What is CBD OIL?* Here's a short answer... CBD oil is extracted from the Hemp plant which is part of the Cannabis family but which does NOT give you a "high" or "drug induced state" like Marijuana which is a different species of the same Cannabis plant. CBD has been found to be purely medicinal - it interacts extremely well with our human endocannabinoid system and has been used for many Centuries for its healing properties. The Hemp plant is only now becoming accepted and made popular by the mainstream medical community, such as Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN, who have finally admitted that the CBD oil is highly beneficial and effective in dealing with many ailments and conditions that affect the human body. Interestingly, CBD oil is safe as a herbal nutritional supplement for children as well as animals (especially domestic pets like dogs)! We have seen amazing testimonials that they have all been able to benefit from CBD oil as well.

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*CBD oil helping to break ADDICTIONS...* Kenny's Testimonial 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Brief history ... DIAZEPAM ADDICTION !! This started a long time ago 20 years approx. After leaving the British Army which included Desert Storm at 17 and Northern Ireland at 19 I started to feel extremely anxious and nervous “to say the least” I went to see my doctor who put me on that horrible so called drug DIAZEPAM... The dosage he put me on was 10mg four times daily, which at the time took away the anxious feelings and made me feel “normal” However over the years I became dependent on them and please believe me, if I knew at the time what this drug was a would of NEVER even gave it a second glance !!! Years went by and I was taking them more and more often “Basically an over the counter addict” In 2012 I found a lump and it was testicular cancer ... After my surgery and thank god the “all clear” I started my diazepam detox ... I managed to half my prescription meds in half .... NOT AN EASY TASK !!! Also lost 3 stones in weight through running twice per week ... 14 days ago since I started taking this wonderful life changing oil and and I’m down to one 5mg diazepam per day !!! SOON TO BE ZERO !!! My moods are better My sleep is better My state of negative thoughts are GONE !!! Altogether I feel like a new person and soon to be off all prescription medication !!! CBD oil is the way forward Health Happiness and little bit of wealth is my saying .... I hope this gives people hope and positive good thoughts wherever you are to help them through their day 💙 Love Kenny 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Do you know Anyone suffering Kidney failure or Liver disease silent? The Answer is Here

*Another #In-HouseTestimonial from Nigeria* 🇳🇬* In December of 2017, my husband was diagnosed of a sepsis infection. We went to a private hospital. The doctor gave him oral antibiotics and that was all. 2 weeks later, he was back in General Hospital Epe, for 'Malaria'...if only we knew!! In 4 days, his pcv went from 43% to 21%, that was when the doctors decided to transfer him to LASUTH Ikeja. When we got to Lasuth, he was diagnosed with multiple organ failure as a result of untreated sepsis. His liver, kidneys, lungs had failed. Acute failure. He was derilous. He had started forgetting faces and names. We spent 7 weeks in the hospital. 9 sessions of dialysis. No improvement on his kidney function until the 7th session. He insisted he wanted to leave the Hospital after 2 months. When we were leaving, the nephrologist told us to go and find cbd oil. That it was a new revolution in medicine, and he thinks it could help. I couldn't find at pharmacies. Fortunately, one day, while on social Media, I saw an ad on Facebook. I reached out and I started my personal research into the benefits of cbd oil. I got the oil 2 weeks later. At his first post discharge test, we found out that his kidney and liver functions had improved significantly. The doctors were impressed and asked us to continue with the oil. At his second post discharge check up, my husband's doctors couldn't believe his results. His kidneys and liver were 100% functional. He was put off all his medications. My husband had been penned down for a possible kidney transplant before this!! Today, he still uses the cbd oil after 4 months. And the oil is all he uses. *DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE SPREAD THE WORD*


*CBD and Bone Growth Research* A 2009 study concludes that in age-related osteoporosis, cannabinoid receptors will increase peak bone mass and bone marrow. Osteoporosis is defined as the loss of bone mass and bone tissue, creating weak bones. It is oftentimes in older people, specifically women due to smaller bones and menopause. Observations throughout the study demonstrate that the CB1 receptor regulates peak bone mass through effects of osteoclasts, bone resorption and age-related bone loss. This means that the administered CBD helped to strengthen the fracture callus; the cartilage which mends the fracture. The CB1 receptor is therefore unique in that it regulates peak bone mass through an effect on osteoclast activity, but protects against age-related bone loss by regulating bone cells. In one of the most recent studies, results show that CBD alone specifically helps with healing bone fractures. Tel Aviv University specifically examined the bone health with isolated CBD or a combination with THC; a group of mice were administered CBD or THC and CBD. Results concluded that isolated CBD has better effects than when the two cannabinoids were in combination. *During this study the results concluded that CBD alone enhanced the biochemical properties of healing in a fracture. CBD involves changes to the organic matrix of bones that affects the flexibility and toughness*. Multiple experiments were complete to isolate the various effects of how CBD helps with bone growth. *Findings show the callus has an increase in strength and toughness from CBD which is explained by osteoblastic bone formation*. *Endocannabinoid System and Bone Growth* Most of us are familiar with the endocannabinoid system but there is also a skeletal cannabinoid system that works with your bones. Some of the key components found in the endocannabinoid system are also located in our bones. Anandamide and 2AG are believed to be sourced in the skeleton and produced by osteoblasts and osteoclasts. CBD interacts with these cannabinoid receptors to return back to homeostasis. Anandamide: an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter that regulates pain, sleep, memory, reproduction, movement and cognition. 2AG: a main endocannabinoid that reacts on the CB receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. 2AG regulates appetite, pain management and the immune system. These studies demonstrate how CBD and bone growth relate. Due to our skeletal endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to send signals to our bone cells. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while your bones are healing so they can heal properly. CBD helps with bone growth to strengthen the bone by triggering osteoblasts. Once you get older your bone will begin to deteriorate causing your bones to become brittle, making it easier to fracture. Old age can also come with bone diseases that create a block in bone growth. Getting through life with a bone disease like osteoporosis typically means relying on medications to provide relief. Prescription medications can come with harsh side effects that make you feel even worse. Turning to a natural cannabinoid will eliminate having to take medications that provide poor side effects. Research shows direct correlation in CBD and bone growth.