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How do I deactivate Do not Disturb (DND) service on my SIM card.

Launch your SMS application. For 9Mobile network users, text START to 2442. For MTN network users, text ALLOW to 2442. For GLO network users, text CANCEL to 2442. For AIRTEL network users, text ALLOW to 2442.

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What is CassavaApp

Create your portal, share skills, products/services and collaborate with friends Cassava App is a free social/business networking app. Create your portal to share contents, products/services in organized manner and get discovered. Unleash your imagination with different ways to post and organize your posts in a manner that suits your purpose. YOUR BUSINESS PORTAL: You don't need to engage the services of a web developer or pay hosting service to publish your products and services to the web. All you need is to add your business profile picture and name, then post your products and services. Since CassavaApp allows people with your business phone numbers to immediately see what you have published, you can link all your business contact numbers such that any number a customer has, can get to your business products and services. So your customers do not have to worry about long website address....all they need is your business phone numbers which is already in their phone contact. So quickly get information about new products and services to your customers. SCHOOL PORTAL: The Questions and Answer feature is excellent for teachers to create study contents for students which will be under the school portal. With CassavaApp, schools can quickly create their portal at no cost. Contents can be organized to allow students, parents and the public easily access school information. MARKET PLACE - Buy & SELL: CassavaApp provides you with different ways to post your contents. CassavaApp posts are called LEAFS. CassavaApp provides 3 different types of Leafs to post to the CassavaApp shop....Shop vertical, Shop horizontal and Auto/Car sale leafs. When you post your content with these types of leaf, they are visible in the CassavaApp shop where people can buy and sell. Excellent way to get more people to see your products and buy. FOR BLOG POSTS: You've always wanted a simple app that gives you everything you need to create blog for your audience. This is very easy with Cassava App. Create topics with text and images to give your readers a description that suites your blog post. Add sub posts inside to organize your content for easy understanding. Because you registered Cassava App with your public contact number, anyone with your phone contact and even users not on CassavaApp can read your posts thereby giving you greater reach. You can also view and make posts on INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: One of the many leaf types in CassavaApp is the Question and Answer leaf. This leaf type allow schools and teams to create interactive questions and answers for their students and others to practice and learn at their free time. A very creative way to help improve students academic performance. Check out this feature! SHORT CODES: Short codes are excellent features in CassavaApp. CassavaApp made it easy for people with your phone number to connect with your publications, products and services. No need to worry about website address by taking advantage of the uniqueness of phone numbers that are everywhere! Numbers are easy to save than website addresses and we already have them in abundance on our phones. CassavaApp went further to provide you with premium 3,4,5 digits short codes. So if you acquire the number 737, your customers can get to your business portal by just saving 737 with your country code prefix or by just typing @737 in any search box. That is excellent way to quickly communicate your portal address. From the app, learn more by typing @101 to get to the CassavaApp tutorials. GROUPS: Create groups in CassavaApp and add other users. They can also join by using the JOIN button. Once accepted, their contents, products and services become visible in the group. This is excellent for Alumni associations to bring products and services of members under one group and allowing others to know what each member is doing and patronize. Excellent also for shopping complexes to bring all shops under one group and make public access easy.

CassavaApp for schools

CassavaApp for Schools It is no news that mobile phones are everywhere and counts as the device most used to access and share information. This has lead to development of mobile apps that provide various services bringing comfort and convenience to our daily activities such as news, banking, marketing, advertisement, calendars, research and development, and many more. In the days when desktops and laptops were the kings, websites flourished. Today websites still play major role in communicating information about institutions. Companies, schools, governments, churches, individuals and others have websites to communicate information or perform other activities to the general public. Today we have mobile applications bringing the contents provided by website to the billions of mobile users. This is intended to introduce CassavaApp and how you can use it to make easy access to information about your school and services. What is CassavaApp? CassavaApp is a mobile app service that helps you, companies, schools and other institutions to quickly and easily publish information for the global audience. The convenience CassavaApp provides over the standard website is that it saves you the need, to remember long website addresses of an institution to get to their information portal. CassavaApp does not require you to get a website address but takes advantage of your mobile phone number as that address to get to your content portal or where you have information about your school. Let me put it in another way. Assuming we are meeting for the first time in the school office or in an event, the most likely contact we would exchange is our telephone numbers which we immediately save on our phones. We are most likely not going to exchange website addresses which can sometimes be long or difficult to remember or saved on the phone. Worse is that not many carry complimentary cards. So with your school phone number with me, why not use it to pass more information about the school? This is perfect and this is what CassavaApp uses. So if your school is already on CassavaApp all I need to do is open my CassavaApp and I will see your school in the CasavaApp contact list. Once I tap your school contact it will show me all the information you have published about your school. So I don't need to worry about any long website address. This is very convenient for students, parents. The public wants to get more information about your school. So what kind of information can be published on the school's CassavaApp? Example of contents for CassavaApp There are no rules to what can be published as long as it does not violate countries or human right laws. CassavaApp provides multiple ways to format the content that you can post on your school's portal 1. Create public information about the school, goals and objectives of the school. 2. Location and contact information. 3. Courses/Subjects offered by the school 4. Departments and office contacts and heads 5. Place and landscapes like worship places, hostels, recreations center i.e for higher institutions. 6. Student lecture/class and exams time tables. 7. Public announcements and others event for students, parents and the public. 8. School programs and other activities. Excellent to documents and share school activities, pictures and contents that students even after graduation will revisit and cherish. 9. Enrollments and requirements. 10. Year books – give past and present students opportunity to keep that memory of their time in school. 11. Interactive questions and answer that is excellent to help teachers create practice questions and answers for all subjects, exams and enable the students practice at their free times, or holidays. This is a perfect feature that will greatly improve students' performance by enabling them see even questions and answers of pass school exam. With this we will get to the point where graduated students of a school can still access exam questions and answers as far back as when they were in a given class. The gain is for parents too as it takes the students away from merely using the mobile phones for playing games. This offers opportunities to monetize questions and answers for the general public and earn the school more money from subscriptions. Ask us how to do it. Content Organization CassavaApp is built to help organize contents in groups to allow for easy flow or organization of information. So you can make a post that serves as title to indicate the composition of contents that would be shown when clicked/tapped. Ease of Management. In most institutions responsibilities are delegated. As such individuals could be assigned responsibilities to handle certain contents/post to ensure that more people participate in building contents for the school portal. That way the school can quickly publish a wealth of information for students, parents and the general public. One More Thing! So we saved you the need to worry about complex website addresses that people don't remember easily and gave you the opportunity to use your phone number as a link to more information about your school. Phone numbers are easier to remember or even saved and are most exchanged by people. So the extra that we provide is the Short Code! Short codes are numbers that are even shorter than the mobile number. So you can have a short code like 737, 911, 234, 80777, 50505 etc. Short codes are commercial numbers and that means you can pay for any number that automatically becomes your number. What that means is that people can as well reach your school information portal by just saving that number on their phone like any other phone number. So when they go to their CassavaApp they will automatically see your school or when they search @yourshortcode, eg @737, they will get to your school information portal. This is how beautiful CassavaApp is. So bring your school to the new age! Don't Forget! Even though you activated your CassavaApp with one mobile number which people can now use to locate your school information portal, you most likely have many more phone numbers that other people may have apart from the one you used to register and actvated CassavaApp. Don't worry, CassavaApp allows you to link up to 6 other phone numbers. So any of these phone numbers can now be used to locate your school information portal. You are covered! We can build the contents for you. CassavaApp makes it easy for you to post your school information. We can help you start by building your CassavaApp school portal and save you some time inputting the content so you can focus on managing the school. Price can be as low as N20,000 for less complex and ready contents. We work with you to ensure you get the best for your school. Final Note CassavaApp is unique. When you print flyers and banners for your school, adding the CassavaApp logo to your flyers and banners or other adverts tells anyone that getting more information about your school is as easy as saving those school contact numbers. So when they go to CassavaApp, they will immediately get more information about the school or the content of the flyers or banner. This adds more value to the flyer or banner and increases the chances of someone to save that phone number and contact you or act on the message in the flyer or banner. Parents are looking for schools to put their children. CassavaApp is excellent and brings a lot of advantages for your school. Download CassavaApp is available in the Google Playstore. Just search for CassavaApp or Cassava App and you will see the smiling yellow icon. Install and enjoy the benefits of CassavaApp. Support We are always here to guide and support you. If you need help please reach us on Mobile: +234 7037917551 Email:

Gist about CassavaApp

CassavaApp is a great concept. Let me start by saying things have really changed with the way we access information. Some years back it was all about computers, and I mean everyone wants to own a laptop or a desktop. Nowadays, what everyone wants to own is the mobile phone and there are already billions of them being carried everywhere. The mobile phone is the easiest channel for getting information. We can't do without it. Some years back having a website is a critical part of business. But it takes a web developer to give you one. It also cost money to own one, and coupled with the fact that you have to pay monthly, or yearly to keep it alive. Website is an essential part of a business that wants to reach far because there are many people there. But it comes at a price - you need a developer to create and manage it for you. That is not easy for many people and it is so discouraging. So CassavaApp comes to the rescue with a FREE and easy alternative. A very convenient way that fit the way we use the mobile phone that is everywhere. With the mobile phone we can get information about people, things or place. But the challenge is how we create that information so that people can see. How can you too, without being or engaging a web developer create information about your business or interest so that other people can see it? This is why CassavaApp was created. So it is your website on your phone and the whole world can see anything you publish. No need engaging a web developer, no paying for web hosting and most importantly you don't need to bother about web address, i.e those your business phone number automatically becomes your website address✔️✔️. And you know what, many people already have your phone or business number on their phones. So why don't you take advantage of it to show them more about your business. Once you are on CassavaApp, your website is automatically appearing on other people's phones. Most times when you send pictures to people on chat platforms, they will soon delete it and forget about it, because everybody want to save memory space in their phones. So sending a link of your products and services is better and does not occupy people's phone memory. Frustrating for many people. CassavaApp makes the job easy for you. Look at this other advantage too. Most times when you meet people the common information you exchange is your phone numbers. Not your website address, not your company address, not your email but your phone number. You immediately save the other person's phone number and they too save your phone number. Assuming both of you have some businesses doing and you are on CassavaApp. Once the person opens their CassavaApp they will see your mobile website and information about your business whether it is products you are selling, food items, clothing, land, vehicles or company services etc. Anytime you add new information about your business everyone will see it.✔️ That is the beauty of CassavaApp. Everyone can have their instant business or personal mobile website. No need to pay anyone anything. You just post your products or services and everyone is seeing it. That is the new way to have a website without being an IT guru. Let me allow you to digest this part. There are a hundred other things you can do on your CassavaApp, like online learning for students, creating forms for different purposes. Those are higher levels for companies that want to create forms for people to fill online..this you can do right from your phone on CassavaApp. It can be frustrating being in a group of regular chat apps and trying to sell your products in the group. Many members get nothing out of these groups. You have Community groups, Alumni groups professional groups and others, yet getting patronage is near zero. Try CassavaApp profile group that brings everyone together in a clean, professional and profitable manner. Join one. It fuels group patronage. Hope you like this. Download from Google play store. Click link to download.