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All you need to know about Gotv max

Note that all the program that will be displayed will have the title of the program, date, time and a little description of what the program will be about so that you will have enough information about it. There are four different packages on Gotv you can subscribe to, each of the package has their own channels. They are: • Gotv Max • Gotv Plus • Gotv Value • Gotv Lite If you want to check programs that will be shown on Africa Magic Family channel which is available on Gotv Max package. This is what will be displayed for you after you must have followed the procedures above. Channel: Africa Magic Family Program: Music on Africa Magic Description: Watch the latest videos from your favourite African artist Time: 01: 50 Program: Halita Description: Halita’s mother admitted at the local clinic, now they must find money for her treatment. Time: 05: 30 All the programs will be displayed with description and time.